Examples of DoE projects



One of my earliest novel designs was drafted for a cheese making company. You see a schematic of the cheese making process and the experimental factors in the drawing on the left. First, raw milk is stored in huge milk tanks. Next, the milk is transported to curds production tanks where batches of curds are made. Many batches can be made from a single batch of raw milk. Finally, the curds are processed into cheese. Many sets of cheeses can be made from a single batch of curds. You can read here about my contribution .







About 10 years ago, I collaborated with people involved in strengthening wood constructions. Experimental factors often had more than two levels. One particular project was devoted to finding factors that might strengthen the wood-glue-wood bond. The picture on the left shows a device to measure the strength. There were four different glues, three different kinds of wood, and four two-level processing factors. Happily, at that time I was also doing research on multilevel orthogonal arrays that could be used as experimental designs at Eindhoven University of Technology. One of the series we generated there had precisely these factors, while only 48 out of the 192 possible combinations were included in the designs. You can read here how I made a choice between the different designs.