Uipath Master Partner Agreement

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Deloitte`s Robotic Automation (RPA) practice helps companies improve the efficiency and efficiency of their operations. We work with our customers to help them harness the potential of new automation software by providing enterprise-wide and sustainable RPA solutions. We use our many years of experience to guide customers through their automation journey with a variety of services ranging from opportunity assessment to scale implementation. Automation Anywhere specifically offers its global subscription subscribers a comprehensive support plan as part of its technical assistance program, which includes its end-to-end support plan. This solution is designed to provide Automation Anywhere customers with the help they need when they need it. To get this level of support, all you need is a license for your software on premise or subscribe to your cloud services. One way or another, it is an exceptional advantage that the company offers. As noted in the previous section, it is likely that there will still be scenarios in which a partner will offer more benefits in terms of dedicated services. According to a recent company evaluation, Automation Anywhere achieved one of the highest possible scores in several categories of evaluation criteria.

Perhaps especially in terms of differentiation, the platform`s vast capabilities and ability to continue to scale have been supported by the provision of its wide-ranging use cases by its bot stores to partners. Here, solution providers can train robots in a number of requirements, for which they can then be published in the store so that others can accept them. Automation Anywhere`s Bot Store is known as the largest bot store in the RPA industry and is an important differentiator in reducing deployment time and value with pre-configured solutions. Gold-Partner is a partner with a deep understanding of RPA, sales and technical expertise in providing UiPath hyper-automation solutions. Diamond Partner is a man who has a well-established practice of RPA, has made significant sales, has technical investments and has superior knowledge in making the uiPath platform available. With a global presence of 62 cities and more than 100 locations outside Japan, the KDDI Group supports global ICT companies in setting up offices abroad until digital transformations are implemented. KDDI is also a global partner of UiPath and has extensive implementation experience. Its local employees in different countries are well experienced in local conditions and business practices and understand the software used locally, and this knowledge allows them to support the implementation of UiPath solutions tailored to the circumstances of each country.

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