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From the customer`s point of view, the clause is also problematic. All outsourcing agreements are covered by confidentiality rules. This means that the terms of the agreement cannot be disclosed to third parties. Customers recognize this restriction and we sometimes see formulations in MFC rules that give the legal controller of customer accounts the right to verify the vendor`s agreements with its third-party customers. This audit formula does not recognize that the legal controller of the client`s accounts is subject to the same confidentiality restrictions as the client himself. Very often, customers only have to rely on the service provider`s statements. Customers cannot independently verify the service provider`s compliance with the MFC clause. The other major problem is the difficulty of measuring. It is very difficult to standardize different service groups and different customers. The MFC clause often contains a language to account for transactions of type, size, scope, duration, locations, service model, level of service, technical complexity, price components, etc. The more qualified people involved in the standardization process, the less likely it is that there will be another deal that is the same, and the less meaningful the clause will be. The MFC clause does not protect customers that the prices offered by a service provider compete with the prices of their competitors.

The MFC clause does not take into account the market price. If you are seeking debt advice, you cannot enter into other credit contracts until all of your current financial obligations are met and the debtor advisor issues you and your creditors a certificate of transparency within the meaning of Section 71 of the National Credit Act. They are also listed in credit bureaus. Morgan`s experience in negotiating and managing cable video and Internet agreements such as: right to access, bulk service addendums, marketing addendums, access to compensation and facilities for communications managers allows him to provide the insights and instructions needed to help his clients understand the latest regulatory and technological changes that affect us all. Morgan is committed to obtaining optimal compensation and/or savings on your behalf from service providers. It increases current income and/or savings for your municipality or business is not paid. It`s really risky! In late 2007, the Federal Communications Commission passed a by-law prohibiting exclusivity clauses (exclusive marketing and mass supplement agreements have been confirmed) for the provision of video services for residential complexes, condominiums, owner associations, motorhome parks, seniors` communities, residences and other qualified apartment buildings. This means that new service options and additional revenue may be available for your community. Before signing or renewing a contract with a cable, telephone or satellite company, please contact us to review all your options.

With a signed letter of authorization (LOA), we speed up and simplify your requirements and service options for you for free. Remember, we will improve your current position or we will not be paid. In outsourcing agreements, customers generally require their service providers to have the most favoured customer clause (MFC). The MFC clause is a promise by the service provider not to treat the customer less favourably than its customers. The clause may take many forms, but it requires, without exception, that the service provider, which offers other customers lower rates for the same or substantially similar services, reduce the fees charged to customers. Some customers like the clause because it gives them the comfort that the fees will be competitive as part of their outsourcing contract during the term of the contract.

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